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About Us

In Brazil, Boteco is traditionally known as a friendly neighbourhood bar where good drinks and  bar snacks were sold in a lively atmosphere with good music - a meeting place for ‘’bohemians’’ where you can chat without obligations. And that’s exactly where our inspiration comes from, the traditional botecos of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


You can enjoy one of our refreshing Caipirinhas – our signature drink or some of other Cachaça based creations made by our experienced mixologists. An essential part of any Brazilian celebration – or a sample of typical Boteco food ( infamous streets food) is our delicious petiscos selection (or Brazilian tapas). We are offering a truly relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere featuring Live Music every evening and on the late weekend nights DJs for those who fancy a bit of dancing with tropical cocktails in their hands.


When you visit Boteco Do Brasil, you are immediately reminded of the things that make Brasil so attractive: we’re colourful, vibrant, fresh and exotic! Scotland may be far away from Rio de Janeiro but at Boteco you can get a taste of Brazil even on the rainy days!

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